chinese contemporary art

Han Yajuan solo Show
2009-2-7 - 2009-3-27

Han Yajuan is from the latest generation of phenomenally talented artists to emerge from the contemporary Chinese art scene. Like her predecessors and teachers, those of the famous first generation of free artists post-Mao, she has exceptional capabilities She recognizes and identifies the zeitgeist of her generation and then transmits that through her art. She does this with flawless technical expertise and a delightful, infectious sense of humour.MORE>>>>


Group Show
2009-1-10 - 2009-2-6

Chinese Contemporary Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition by Huang rui, Zhang Dali, Wu Junyong.MORE>>>>


Group Show
2008-12-3 - 2008-12-20

Chinese Contemporary Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition by Fu Lei, Luo Brothers, Shen Fan, Tu Hongtao, Wang Ke and Xue Song.

The three Luo Brothers, Luo Wei Dong, Luo Wei Bing and Luo Wei Guo, make works on paper, lacquer on wood panel, carved wood panels and statues out of lacquered resin. In all cases the works are riotous creations of kitsch... MORE>>>>


Cartoon II
2008-10-16 - 2008-11-20

Chinese Contemporary New York is pleased to present the second showing of its Cartoon exhibition, which will include works by three young female artists: Wang Ke, Zhang Shuang and Zhou Nan. The opening will be on October 16th.



Photography Show
2008-9-13 - 2008-10-31

Chinese Contemporary New York is pleased to present its first exhibition in the States of a selection of the gallery's premier Chinese contemporary photographers, including works by Chen Qiulin, Hong Hao, Huang Yan, Wang Jin and Zhu Ming. The opening will be on September 13 at 4 pm.



Summer Group Show
July - August 2008

Chinese Contemporary New York is pleased to announce its Summer 2008 Group Show, including works by Huang Rui, the Luo Brothers, Ren Sihong, Wang Jin, Xue Song, Zhang Dali, and Zhao Bo.



Xue Song Solo Show
2008-5-24 - 2008-6-28

Chinese Contemporary Gallery, New York, is pleased to present an exhibition of mixed-media works on canvas by Xue Song. The artist's Solo Exhibition will be exhibited from 24 May 28 June 2008, and a catalogue highlighting the artist's old and new works has been produced in conjuntion with the exhibition.

Xue Song's works are collages of torn pieces of paper, some with their edges burnt, others not, some completely burnt to black ash, all very carefully selected and placed in each composition. In the early 1990s Xue Song's studio burned down, destroying not only all his works but most of his other possessions as well. In a cathartic process he took the ashes of his old works and the half destroyed remains of other objects and used them to create collages. Ironic though it may seem, he has described this moment as exciting and defining since this is when he realized the power and possibilities of expression that collage gave him... MORE>>>>


Group Exhibition
April 2008

Chinese Contemporary is pleased to announce the opening of its April Group Exhibition, featuring the artists Fu Lei, Hong Hao, Huang Rui, Huang Yan, Lin Tianmiao, Luo Brothers, Xue Song, Zhang Dali and Zhou Chunya.



2008-2-23 - 2008-3-27

Chinese Contemporary is pleased to announce the opening of Labyrinth, a solo exhibition for Tu Hongtao. The exhibition runs from 23 February – 27 March 2008 in New York.  A catalogue highlighting the artist’s works has been produced to accompany the exhibition.

Tu Hongtao is a painter working in the creative hothouse of Chengdu. Similar to earlier great contemporary Sichuan artists his work deals with the place, position and psyche of the individual. He is a young man acutely sensitive to the innumerable ingredients and signals which define the complexion of the society in which he lives. ...MORE>>>>


Uncanny Perceptions
2007-12-1 - 2007-2-28

Chinese Contemporary is pleased to announce the opening of Uncanny Perceptions, a solo exhibition for camera obscura photographer Shi Guorui.   Following successful solo shows at the de Young Foundation in San Francisco and at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Chinese Contemporary is giving the artist simultaneous solo exhibitions in their Beijing and New York galleries.  The exhibition is comprised of new camera obscura works completed in Shenzhen, Beijing, San Francisco and Shanghai, which highlight the artist’s mastery of technique.  The exhibition runs from 1 December 2007 – 28 February 2008 in both Beijing and New York.  A catalogue highlighting the artist’s new and old works will also be produced.

Since his transformation of a watchtower on the Great Wall of China into a pin-hole camera in 2004, Shi Guorui has continuously produced richly detailed photographs of landscapes and cityscapes...MORE>>>>

2007-06-27 - 2007-07-28

Chinese Contemporary Gallery, New York, is pleased to present Big City, an exhibition of new works by Zhao Bo.  Zhao Bo: Big City will be exhibited from 29 September – 25 October 2007.  The artist will be present at the opening on 29 September from 11 am – 6 pm.   

Zhao Bo’s canvases capture the pulsating energy and constrained chaos of China’s growing metropolises.  He is part of China’s “New Realists,” whose works reinterpret traditional realism and possess few of the political overtones seen in early Chinese realist works.  Zhao Bo is from China’s post-political society, the generation of now 20 something’s who grew up in a time of relative political stability and economic prosperity.   The artist’s works are a reflection of the revelrous attitude of this generation and the prospering society in which they live. ...MORE>>>>


Texts are the Legacy of Great Thought!
2007-05-19 - 2007-06-21

Chinese Contemporary New York is pleased to announce the first ever solo exhibition of works by Huang Rui in the United States. Huang Rui has created an installation work specifically for his American debut called "Texts are the Legacy of Great Thought!"

The installation is a re-presentation of the Chinese version of Marx and Engel's Communist Manifesto. The iron typeset for the thirty-nine pages of the Manifesto make up the installation. Each page of typeset is beautifully encased in a wooden box, emphasizing that this presentation is literally a work of art. In addition, Huang Rui has printed on parchment 100 copies of the manifesto from the Chinese typeset, each in their own stainless steel case accompanied by an English translation. One set of the printed Manifesto is framed and forms part of the installation.

Huang Rui will distribute to all present at the opening of the exhibition a limited edition of booklets containing two texts about his installation, one by himself and one by the Director of Beijing's Goethe Institute, Michael Kahn Ackermann. The English version of the Manifesto will also...MORE>>>>

Group Show
2007-04-14 - 2007-05-10

Chinese Contemporary has put together an exhibition that highlights the braod spectrum of works being produced in contemporary China. This exhibition includes works by Fu Lei, Huang Rui, Huang Yan, Shen Fan, Xue Song, Zhang Dali and Zhou Chunya...MORE>>>>

Zhang Dali
2007-02-09 - 2007-04-10

Chinese government city planners have imposed a physical and psychological revolution on their cities. In most cities of any size old neighbourhoods have been completely erased and replaced by buildings the planners consider worthy of a modern, first world nation. The erasure of traditional neighbourhoods has resulted in the displacement of communities and the disruption of a long-standing neighbourhood structure. Add to this a greater freedom of movement for individuals within China and the lure of jobs working in the construction of these new cities and the result is a constant reshaping of lives and creation of new social classes. All artists' work is socially involved to some degree as they cannot extricate themselves ... MORE>>>>

Wu Junyong
2007-01-26 - 2007-03-01

Wu Junyong's animation DVD works are the most exciting creations to come from the younger generation of contemporary Chinese artists. Just as the great contemporary painters of the first generation of the Chinese avant garde captured the zeitgeist of China in the 1990s, Wu Junyong captures it of wealthy China in 2007. Born in 1978, the artist has grown up in a country that is in a continual state of change as it manages its transformation from a closed, severely restricted society to one that is open to the outside and increasingly flexible. It is an explosive situation with opportunities and temptations of ... MORE>>>>